Wsly is a melee, Skillz-Based, Sustain Carry Character in League of ROBLOX. Wsly is unlocked on level 16. He brings in the battle two dual swords, with abilities he can use based off of Death Run. The character has no skins available.

[Description is bugged: Same description as Shedeltsky]

Base Stats:

Skillz: 10.8 H4X: 0 Toughness: 11.2 Resistance: 8 Speed: 15.5 Health: 180


1. Dash: Wsly dashes, dealing (4 + 4 per ability level + 25% of Skillz) damage to enemies he passes through. Each time he hits an enemy, he earns a stack of Death Run. Death Run stacks boost his other abilities' power.

2. Leap: Wsly jumps as he would to avoid an obstacle. Upon landing up to (10 + 2 per ability level) studs away, he deals (33.333333333333333% of Skillz) to surrounding enemies. The cool-down of this ability is reduced by 0.5 for each stack of Death Run he has.

3. Sprint: Wsly boosts his speed by (0.4 + 0.3 per ability level) for each stack of Death Run he currently has. This effect lasts (2 + 0.2 per ability level) seconds.

4. Death Run: Wsly begins passively generating stacks of Death Run for (3 + 1 per ability level) seconds. During this time, his basic attacks deal an extra (1 + 1.25 per ability level) damage per stack of Death Run.

Strategies With:

Dash will upgrade your abilities. Use it often.

Use leap to avoid enemy's attacks, or to confuse enemies, and then attack.

Sprint is a good way to run back to base.

Use Death Run wisely, because it is has a long cool-down

Strategies Against:

The only way to defeat Wsly is to kill him in the shortest amount of time, due to him being more stronger the more time you fight with him.