Turrets are a NPC in League of ROBLOX created by Davidii.

Appearance: The turret looks like a stone statue on a concrete podium, wielding a staff. On the very tip of the spear gives three different colors: red, blue, or white.

Red and Blue represents their team's turrets. They both deal around 70 damage. They play a major role in the game. If all the team's turrets are destroyed, the opposing team wins, ending the game.

White represents the spawn turret. It's more bigger than team turrets. It is located on each team's spawn. The spawn turret prevents the other team from spawn-killing. If a player gets into the spawn turrets range, they instantly die once the projectile hits him/her. There is no possible way to kill the spawn turret, since its health is infinite.

Gameplay: Turrets are a main role for the game. Their main purpose is to determine who wins, depending on who kills the team's turrets first. If all the team's turrets are destroyed, the opposing team wins. ending the game.

Turrets deal major damage to players within the field, making it possible to die in the turret. Minions serve the purpose to distract the turrets projectiles, giving the player a chance to attack it.

The turret has around 2000 health. If the turret's health goes to 0, the turret self-destructs, destroying the turret's field and giving an announcement about the team's turret destroyed at the top of the screen.

Tanking: Tanking is when a player has huge damage and high health. Once the player gets into the turret's field, it seems like if he/she is not taking major damage from the turret. The player then deals huge damage to the turret, making it destroyed in a few hits. Once the turret is destroyed, the player goes to the next one until all the enemies' turrets are destroyed.