Stickmasterluke is a H4X-Based, Ranged, Burst Carry in League of ROBLOX. He has high damage for its abilities. He is known for having the ability to summon a huge meteor and is unlocked at level 5. He has no other skins. 


Base Stats = 148 Health, 14 Movespeed, 0 Skillz, 13 H4x, 14 Toughness, and 11 Resistanc |-|

Abilities = Lightning Bolt: "Stickmasterluke calls upon a lightning bolt to strike the Earth at a targeted location, dealing (2 + 4 per ability level + 30% of H4x) damage to enemies caught within its electrical explosion. This ability can be used quickly consecutively three times."

Underground War: "Stickmasterluke burrows underground and causes an earthquake as he tunnels forward, dealing (4 + 4 per ability level + 30% of H4x) to damage and knocking airborne each enemy he passed beneath.

Gale Force: "Stickmasterluke hurls a compressed ball of wind. When it reaches the end of its range, it explodes, dealing (6 + 3 per ability level + 50% of H4x) damage and pushing back each enemy it hits."

Meteor Strike: "Stickmasterluke summons a huge meteor at a targeted location. It crashes into the ground and deals (10 + 5 per ability level + 55% of H4x) damage in an area." |-|

escription = Stickmasterluke is the harbinger of disaster. Where he steps, the fury of nature is sure to follow. Look up, down, around -- you will never know from where Stickmasterluke's attacks may come. Play Stickmasterluke if you like a varied playstyle. |-| Strategy While Using=

Meteor Strike can be targeted anywhere on the map; help/kill steal your allies or snipe fleeing enemies.

Underground war can be used to charge in or escape.

Lightning Bolt can be spammed at different locations making it a deadly harass ability. Try not to miss your target.

Gale Force can be used to knock back chasing enemies. This is also useful when you're trying to save an ally from a group of enemies. |-| Strategy Against= tay away from a red beam in the sky; Meteor Strike is about to hit.

If you see a brown circle, keep running; Stickmasterluke used Underground War and can knock you airborne.

Stay far from him until he casts Gale Force and Lightning Bolt; he is vulnerable then.