Sorcus is a Skillz-Based, Ranged, Sustain Carry in League of ROBLOX. Sorcus snipes his foes at bay while delivering even more damage the further away his foes are. In close quarters, he deals less damage. He is unlocked at level 2. He only has one other skin; Dark Rogue.


Base Stats = 148 Health, 14 Speed, 11 Skillz, 0 H4x, 13 Toughness, and 12 Resistance |-| Abilities = Piercing Arrow: "Sorcus fires an arrow which deals (5 per ability level + 25% of Skillz) damage to targets it passes through. This ability copies Sorcus' basic attack range."

Sharpshooting: "Sorcus increases his basic attack range by (4 + 2.5 per ability) studs for 5 seconds. However, he cannot damage turrets during this time.

Explosive Arrow: "Sorcus fires an exploding arrow to the targeted location, dealing (2.5 + 5 per ability level + 20% of Skillz) damage and knocking enemies airborne for (0.8 + 0.2 per ability level) seconds."

Arrow of Redcliff: "Sorcus fires an arrow which has no range restriction. It deals (4.5 per ability level + 30% of Skillz) damage to the first target hit and gains 1% extra damage for every 10 studs it travels, meaning that distant targets take more damage."


Description = Sorcus is the ultimate troll, but on the battlefield he has a little more honor. He does represent the Knights of Redcliff, after all. He brings to the League of ROBLOX a trusty bow with numerous arrows. If you want to turn people into pincushions, play Sorcus. |-|

Strategy While Using= Arrow of Redcliff gains more damage the longer it travels. This can be used to 720 no scope enemies.

Arrow of Redcliff is the shortest ultimate cool-down.

If somebody tries to kill you, Explosive Arrow knocks them airborne, buying you time to run.

If you knock someone airborne with Explosive Arrow, attack as fast as you can!

Sharpshooting increases the range of Sorcus; this includes basic attacks and Piercing Arrow.

Remember that Sharpshooting loses your ability to damage turrets.


Strategy Against = Sorcus primes on harassing you long-range. He is nothing melee.

Sorcus's abilities are one-way. Keep moving and he can't damage you.

If you see red sparkles on Sorcus, stay even farther away from him. He has activated Sharpshooting.