Skillz is one of your character's stats. Skillz is one of the two ways you can increase your character's basic attack, and upgrade your abilities by a percentage. You can save some time by buying Skillz upgrades at the shop.

Skillz Upgrades:

Normal Sword: +8 to Skillz. Costs 220 Tix.

Bluesteel Blade: +24 to Skillz. Costs 400 Tix + Normal Sword.

Illumina: +60 to Skillz. Costs 540 Tix + Normal Sword + Bluesteel Blade.

Ghostwalker: +80 to Skillz. Activate to increase speed 20% for 5 seconds. Costs 600 Tix + Illumina.

Hybrid Offense:

Elemental Stone: +6 to Skillz and H4X. Costs 300 Tix.

Ancient Blade: +24 to Skillz and H4X. Costs 480 Tix + Elemental Stone + Elemental Stone.

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