Shylocke has powerful moves, being an assassin character. He has very little health and defenses, but makes it up for it as he deals a lot of damage per move.

Description: Skylocke has bought his way into League of Roblox. He brings to the field a pair of knives which he uses to deadly ends. Capable of being a tank buster, Shylocke is the League of Roblox's first assassin. Play Shylocke if you want to be very powerful.

Base Stats

Health: 147 Skillz: 10.8 H4x: 0 Toughness:13.2 Resistance: 8 Move Speed: 15.5


1- Void Shockwave

Shylocke creates a field around him, making enemies stunned and dealing minor amount of damage to them.

Slow: 55 + 10 per ability level. Damage: 10 + 2.5 per ability level + 30% of Skillz.

2- Void Blade

Shylocke thrusts his blades forward, dealing a huge amounts of damage

Damage: 20 + 10 per ability level + 95% of Skillz.

3- Void Locke

Shylocke dashes a short distance. If he dashes through a target, he will slow and reduce the target's toughness, making him easier to kill.

Damage: 10 + 2.5 per ability level + 40% of Skillz. Toughness Reduction: 6 per ability level

4- Void Gate

Shylocke fires a piercing orb forward, dealing a percentage of the target's missing health as damage. This means that the lower the target's health, the higher the damage produced.

Percentage: 40 + 12.5 per ability level

~Strategies With~

For ability levels, max out void blade first and then void breaker or void gate. After both void gate and void breaker are maxed, max out void shockwave.

Ability Combo

3 (Void Locke) > 1 (Void Wave) > 2 ( Voide Blade) > 4 (Void Gate)

This combo, will first, dash to an enemy, second, slow them with Void Wave first for the slow to hit your 2nd ability, which is Void Blade, and then after dealing the massive damage with Void blade, you throw out your Void Gate and watch your target explode.

~Strategies Against~

Remember that Shylocke is melee, and depends on being close to attack you. Fight from a distance to avoid his abilities. If you have to attack melee, increase your Toughness first, and attack from behind.

Try not to lose HP quickly. This will give him a chance to use his ultimate. If you have to avoid Shylockes ultimate, back up or sidestep to avoid the range of his move