Shedletsky is a Skillz-Based, Melee, Sustain Carry in League of ROBLOX. Shedletsky uses his short cooldown attacks to fight back against his foes the more he fights and can trap them within his well known arena. He is unlocked at the start. He only has one other skin; Rainbow Trololol.


Base Stats = 180 Health, 15.5 Movespeed, 11 Skillz, 0 H4x, 12 Toughness, and 8 Resistance |-|

Abilities = Sweep: "Shedletsky spins in a circle, dealing (2.5 + 5.5 per ability + 20% of Skillz ) damage to nearby enemies.

Impale: "Shedletsky stabs forward, dealing (5 + 5 per ability level + 35% of Skillz) damage and slowing (40% + 2.5% per ability level) enemies in front of him.

Lunge: "Shedletsky charges forward, dealing (5 + 2.5 per ability level + 10% of Skillz) damage to enemies caught in his path.

SFOTH: "Shedletsky creates an arena and forces nearby characters to fight in it for (5 + 2 per ability level) seconds. |-|

Description = The creative director of ROBLOX is known mainly for two things: his infectious laugh and his ability to pwn n00bs on Sword Fight On The Heights IV. In the League of ROBLOX, he is no different: choose Shedletsky if you're interested in cutting up your foes in an appropriately "pro" fashion. |-| Strategy While Using= SFOTH is effective against ranged characters. They don't have enough space, so you can kill them with melee.

SFOTH brings all characters up into your battlefield. You can make one enemy go up with your whole team and kill them.

You can trap ranged people who can't get out of SFOTH in the tower with SFOTH, then lunge out.

SFOTH then lunge away for a great escape tactic.

|-| Strategy Against= Watch out for Shedletsky's lunge. Keep moving so he doesn't hit you.

SFOTH can be dashed out of.

Keep harassing Shed; he can't trade back without going into you, so stay at the turret.