Resyncable is a H4X-Based, Ranged, and All-Around in League of ROBLOX. Even though he has weak basic ability damage, he makes it up for his powerful buffs and crowd control for him and the team.

Description: Resyncable bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. He brings into the battle music so beautiful that it hurts. Writhe in terror as this conductor of doom approaches with his far-too-wonderful music. Plugging your ears won't help.

Base Stats:

Skillz: 0 H4X: 11.2 Toughness: 9.2 Resistance: 10.6 Speed: 14 Health: 192


1. Pentatone: Resyncable fires five notes in a fan-shaped pattern. Each note deals (2 + 6 per ability level + 3.3% of H4X) damage to and slows (2.5 + 2 per ability level) for (3.25 = 3.25) seconds.

2. Staccato: Resyncable plays a power chord, sending a sound wave straight forward. If the sound wave hits a target, it echos, dealing (4 + 2.5 per ability level + 4% of H4X) damage to enemies in an area and lowering their defenses by (5 + 3.5 per ability level + 7.5% of H4X) for (5 = 5) seconds.

3. Accelerando: Resyncable increases the movement speed of nearby allies by (6 + 2.5 per ability level) for (3.25 = 3.25) seconds.

4. Ritmico: Resyncable begins to sense the rhythm of his music. After a 3 second delay, his H4x becomes increase by (40 per ability + 100% of H4X) for 1 second.

Strategies With:

Resyncable's Crowd Control (Such as Debuffing Resistance and Speed) will help fighting a large team of enemies. Use Pentatone or Staccato to take them down quickly.

Accelerando is very useful for running back to safety.

Remember to use Ritmico wisely. Situations such as: Tanking turrets, quickly taking down high-leveled enemies, and defending yourself from ambush attacks.

Strategies Against:

Resyncable has great crowd control, but weak damage. Strategies are:

Move in a circle around him. Due to him having projectile attacks, he cannot attack you much. Then, quickly hit him quickly as melee.

Ambush him while Resyncable's abilities are in cooldown. Resyncable depends on his abilities for crowd control and for escaping. Avoid that by stalking Resyncable, then quickly attack him from behind.

Fight from a long distance. Move all the time to avoid Resyncable's projectiles. Then, when his abilities are in cooldown, quickly engage by lunging to him, hitting him quickly. However, this strategy is weak, due to Resyncable having a speed buff ability.