ReeseMcBlox is a H4X-Based, Buffing Support character that is available to any player. She focuses on a support/poke playstyle. She can avoid engagements by stunning opponents and speeding herself up, and can dish out massive damage if she lands her ultimate. She has two skins, Classic and Angelic.

Description: The community manager of ROBLOX keeps her coworkers in line and keeps the trolls of ROBLOX at bay. Her team spirit and organizational skills are unparalleled. Play ReeseMcBlox if you want to help out your team while still being irritating to your enemies.


1. Moderate: Reese fires a projectile which deals (10 + 5 per ability level + 10% of H4X) damage to and stuns for (0.25 + 0.35 per ability level) seconds the first target it hits.

2. Reorganize: Reese heals nearby allies for (7.5 + 7.5 per ability level + 17% of H4X) health.

3. Team Spirit: Reese increases the speed of nearby allies by (12.5 + 2.5 per ability level + 5% of H4X) for (3.5 = 3.5) seconds.

4. Ban: Reese fires a projectile which explodes, slowing nearby enemies by (40 + 5 per ability level + 5% of H4X) for (3.5 = 3.5) seconds.

Strategies With:

Upgrade your H4X, because your H4X depends on all your abilities.

Team Spirit is a good way to run back to base.

Use Ban when your allies have gotten the speed for Team Spirit. You'll be unstoppable!

Reorganize is a good way to heal up your health when its low.

Use Moderate if you want to stop a player from running back to base.

Strategies Against:

Watch out for ALL projectiles! It's very easy to dodge.

Take note that running back to base will be very hard, due to ReeseMcBlox having slows and stuns.

ReeseMcBlox's speed and slows will depend on her H4X. Try not to get her any Tix!