OstrichSized is a Skillz Based, Sustain Carry character in League of ROBLOX. He is unlocked in Level 13. OstrichSized is known for ambush. He currently has no skins.

Description: OstrichSized is BlockHaak's arch-nemesis. He'd be JackSmiringRevenge's too, but unfortunately he's too busy with trees. OstrichSized is known for his surprise attacks. Don't let the suit fool you -- this web team leader will make you regret underestimating nerf weaponry. Play OstrichSized if you enjoy ambush.

Base Stats: 10.8 H4X: 0 Toughness: 12 Resistance: 11.2 Speed: 14 Health: 150


1. Double Shot: OstrichSized fires two fast basic attacks and gains a (8 + 6 per ability level) percent speed boost for (2.5 = 2.5) seconds.

2. Sneak Attack: OstrichSized dashes straight forward and creates a flash which slows nearby enemies by (16 + 12 per ability level) for (2 = 2) seconds.

3. Disappear: OstrichSized turns invisible for (1 + 0.4 per ability level) seconds.

4. Barrage: OstrichSized spins rapidly in a circle for 5 seconds, shooting projectiles around him in a circle. Each does (2 per ability level + 10% of Skillz)

Strategies With:

To confuse your enemies, do Sneak Attack and then Disappear, and then attack!

Get close to them as possible when using Barrage.

Double Shot is a good way to catch up to enemies.

Disappear does not work on Golems and Minions.

Strategies Against:

Keep away when OstrichSized spins around.

If he disappears, go to the nearest turrets or a group of minions or golems.

Sneak Attack makes you slow down. Prevent that by taking a sidestep.

Don't expect him to be a slowpoke, as OstrichSized can increase his speed using Double Shot.