ObliviousPanther is a H4X-Based, Ranged, Sustain Carry in League of ROBLOX. While he is capable of dealing damage, most of his abilities have Short Cooldowns. This character currently has no skins.

Description: ObliviousPanther bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. He brings to the battle some keen code weapons. In a fight, he keeps the pressure on constantly by using his short cooldowns and range. Play ObliviousPanther if you really like sustain carries.

Base Stats:

Skillz: 0. H4X: 12.5. Toughness: 10.6. Resistance: 9.2. Speed: 14. Health: 177.


1. Self-Replicating Sight: ObliviousPanther fires a code bolt which deals (5 + 3.5 per ability + 40% of H4X) damage to the first target it hits, and then infects the target. After 3 seconds, the target replicates this spell. A target cannot be affected twice by this.

2. Syntactic Sight: ObliviousPanther damages enemies in a line in front of him for (10 + 2.5 per ability level + 30% of H4X) damage

3. Compression Algorithm: ObliviousPanther fires a bolt which, upon reaching the end of its range or hitting an enemy, deals (5 + 3.5 per ability level + 10% of H4X) damage to targets in an area and draws them to it.

4. Data Sweep: ObliviousPanther deals (5 + 7.5 per ability level + 25% of H4X) damage in an area at a targeted location. This ability has a short cool-down

Strategies With:

Syntactic Sight and Data Sweep is the most useful and somewhat hurtful. Use it often.

If you want to hit multiple groups, use your first ability.

Compression Algorithm is great for confusing enemies.

Strategies Against:

Remember that he is one of the few characters who has short cool-downs.

Don't get in front of him! Most of his abilities are projectile-based

Keep on the look out for his 4th ability, which will look like a beam coming straight down

Keep away from allies and minions if you are infected from the first ability!

Don't get confused when you get moved back a little bit. Only the third ability's effects.