NobleDragon is a Skillz-based, Melee, Durable Disruptor in League of ROBLOX. He is very hard to defeat, due to his Mobility, Crowd Control, and High Health. He currently has 3 skins, Classic, Techno, and SteamPunk


Description = There's one thing they fear. In their tongue, he is Bob. NobleDragon! Fear his deadly fire breath (well, maybe it's coffee breath) and run from his deadly force.

Base Stats =

Health: 185 Skillz: 7.2 H4X: 0 Toughness: 15.2 Resistance: 10.6 Speed: 15.5

Abilities =

1. Fire Breath: NobleDragon spews a fireball which explodes when it hits a target. The explosion deals (5 +5 per ability level) and slows (30 + 3.5 per ability level) for (2.75 = 2.75). If he misses, the cool-down is reduced.

2. Break Ranks: NobleDragon charges forward in a fiery spin, knocking enemies aside as he deals (2 + 2 per ability level + 5% of Health). This damage increases with NobleDragon's maximum health.

3. Noble Flight: NobleDragon blasts off from the ground. After a moment in the air, he crashes down to a targeted location, dealing (5 + 3 per ability level + 7% of Health) to enemies he hits. This damage increases with NobleDragon's maximum health.

4. DragonBlend Coffee Chug: NobleDragon increases his movement speed by (40 per ability level) and temporarily increases his health by (100 per ability level) for (15 = 15) seconds. The speed buff only lasts for one quarter of the duration.

Strategies With =

It is best recommended to buy mostly Health, due to NobleDragon ability's damage depends on Health.

Do the combo '312', which will send you flying in the air while shooting a fireball, and heading back to safety.

Fire Breath is very good for slowing down enemies when you want to run back to base, or slowing down enemies who run back to safety.

Use DragonBlend Coffee Chug wisely. Even though it will give you a major buff on Speed and Maximum Health, but it has a very long cool-down.

Noble Flight and Break Ranks is very helpful when going back to safety quickly, and also for surprising enemies.

Strategies Against =

Watch out for his third ability, Noble Flight. Look up once in a while, so you won't get surprised.

Avoid his Fire Breath at all costs! This ability will decrease your speed, giving NobleDragon a chance to attack! To avoid that, quickly run to the side to avoid the blast of the Fire Breath. Remember that he will use it more often if he misses.

Sidestep when he uses Break Ranks quickly. If you don't avoid it in time, NobleDragon will knock you back.

DragonBlend Coffe Chug makes him even more harder to fight, due to his increase of Speed and Maximum Health. Remember that the speed buff will give him a chance to run back to safety quickly or to attack you and your allies.