Nightgaladeld is a Skillz-based, Melee, Sustain Carry in League Of ROBLOX. He is known for his uses of leaping from long distances. He currently has no skins available.


Nightgaladeld is the most popular livestreamer in the world. Streaming both gameplay and his group, the USA, he has now come to League Of ROBLOX with a most patriotic weapon -- the american flag itself. With mobility and fast basic attacks, Nightgaladeld is a character to be feared -- and saluted.

Base Stats

Skillz: 10.8. H4X: 0. Toughness: 8. Resistance: 12.6. Speed: 15.5. Health: 167


1. Leap: Nightgaladeld leaps to a target location and deals (12.5 + 5 per abiltily level + 20% of Skillz) to nearby enemies when he lands

2. Assault: Nightgaladeld reduces his basic attack cooldown by (20 + 7.5 per ability level) for (5 = 5)

3. Battlecry: Nightgaladeled releases a patriotic battlecry, dealing (7.5 + 2.5 per ability level + 25% of Skillz) and healing himself (5 + 2.5 per ability level) for each enemy he hits.

4. Brutality: Toggles 'Brutal Strikes' a state in which Nightgaladeld's basic attacks slow (10 per ability level) for 2 seconds, but costs (5.5 per ability level) If they hit, the heal back 1.4x the recoil, essentially restoring health.

Strategy With:

Use your 4th Ability wisely. They may slow down others, but if you miss, you lose health.

Leap is always good for chasing fleeing victims.

Use Assault when battling anything.

Use Battlecry when there is minions around you and you have low health.

Strategy Against:

Watch out for leap! To avoid that, try moving unpredictably.

If Nightgaladeld uses Assault, make sure that you keep your distance

Don't let him use battlecry near enemies!

Try to make him miss his attack when he's in his 'Brutal Strikes' stage.