Matt Dusek is a H4X-Based, Ranged, Burst Carry in League of ROBLOX. He is capable of dealing high damage, as well as sacrificing some of his health to reduce his long cooldowns. He is unlocked at the start. He has only one other skin; Apprentice.

148 Health, 14 Movespeed, 0 Skillz, 13 H4x, 11 Toughness, and 14 Resistance

Index: "Matt Dusek fires a fast-moving projectile which deals (2.5 + 2.5 per ability level + 85% of H4x) damage to the first enemy it hits."

Array: "Matt Dusek creates an explosion at a target location which deals (3 + 7 per ability level + 35% of H4x) to enemies caught within.

Binary Search: "Matt Dusek fires a piercing bolt of code which deals (5 + 4.5 per ability level + 45% of H4x) damage to each enemy it passes through. It additionally gains speed and range as it passes through enemies."

System Reset: "Matt Dusek sacrifices 15% of his health in order to reduce all of his cooldowns by (2 + 1.5 per ability level) seconds.

ROBLOX's Technical Director will technically beat your face to a pulp. He will, without a doubt, pop up in front of you, shout, "Heyo!", and then you will be dead. Play Matt Dusek if you want to unload a fierce amount of damage in a small amount of time.

Building health regen and health items are great for keeping in lane while constantly dealing damage.

Binary Search goes through units and gains speed and range. This is great for clearing out waves.

Shift Mouse Lock or zooming all the way in helps you aim.

Buying DDoS will make you a spam machine.

Keep moving so Matt will have to constantly reduce his health to try and hit you.

Stay away from anything green.

Get close to Matt and circle around him so he will have a hard time hitting you while you damage him if you're melee.