Khanovich is a Skillz-based, melee, Durable Disruptor, who is very hard to defeat when he has his trusty bear and spear. Currently has no skins.

Khanovich rides into the battle with his trusty bear and wields even a trustier spear. Avoid being impaled by this commanding figure and fear the roar of his bear. Play Khanovich if you enjoy disruptors</nowiki>

Health: 200 Skillz: 6.3 H4X: 0 Tougness: 13.2 Resistance: 10 Speed: 15.5

1. Spear Throw: Khanovich throws his spear, dealing (7 + 3 per ability level + 70% of Skillz) to each enemy it passes through. It also slows them for (21 + 4 per ability level) for (3.25 = 3.25) seconds.

2. Bear Charge: Khanovich charges foward, dealing (5 + 5 per ability level + 4.5% of Health) to each enemy hit. This ability's damage increases with Khanovich maximum health.

3. I'M A BEAR!: Khanovich's trusty steed lets out a battle roar, stunning nearby enemies for (0.75 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds

4. Unstoppable: Khanovich repeats the last ability he used. This ability cool-down is (21 + -1.75 per ability level)

You may want to get Health first then Skillz after.

Use this Combo '123', making you throwing the spear, and charging after it, following by your bear stunning them.

Use your ultimate wisely, and remember what ability you used recently.

For Minions, Use your third ability, and then use your second ability. It will stun the minions, and running over them.

Keep track of his abilities, you never know when he uses his ultimate.

Side-step to avoid his spear and the crippling slow, or to avoid the bear charge.

Keep your distance to avoid getting stunned by the bear's roar.