JoelMatGarcia is a Skillz-based, Melee, Wandering All-Round in League Of ROBLOX. He is known for having the ability to Heal allies of their missing health. He currently has no skins available.


JoelMatGarcia bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. He is Caesar on High, to be feared and respected, lest you taste the blade. Play if you're a fan of the idea of being a human blender.

Base Stats:

Skillz: 9.2 H4X: 0. Toughness: 9.8. Resistance: 10.6. Speed: 15.5 Health: 192


1. Vortex of Power: JoelMatGarcia spins repeatedly, dealing (5 + 6 per ability level + 60% of Skillz) per second to nearby enemies for (3 + 0.5 per ability level) seconds.

2. Bow to Caesar: JoelMatGarcia demands respect from nearby enemies, slowing them for (30 + 10 per ability level) for (3.75 = 3.75) seconds

3. Mark of Caesar: JoelMatGarcia throws a projectile in a line which travels up to (32 + 8 per ability level) studs. When it either hits a target or reaches the end of its range, JoelMatGarcia teleports to its location.

4. Retribution!: JoelMatGarcia heals nearby allies for (35 + 3.5 per ability level) of their missing health, meaning that allies with less health are healed more

Strategy Using:

Make sure that you slow them down using your 2nd ability before doing the Vortex of Power.

To do a sneak attack, use your 3rd ability

Do the combo '321'. It will teleport to nearby enemies, slowing them, while you wither away their health.

If you have VERY low health, use your fourth ability. Try to get others who have low health too, so you both can heal.

Strategy Against:

Watch out for the Vortex of Power! It will cripple your health away.

Try to keep your distance, so you won't get that powerful slow

Be aware for any sneak attacks. If you see a small sphere going towards you, immediately get out of the way.

Take note that he will heal more if he has less health, so he can withstand attacks often.