Health is one of your stats. It is your character's maximum health. It is used to last more longer on the battlefield. Some characters use Health to increase their abilities' damage or heal. You can increase your maximum health using Health Upgrades at the Shop. Your Heal is how much HP you gain per second. Heal Upgrades are used to increase your heal, and to decrease your chance of running back to the spawn to heal.

Health/Heal Upgrades

Mesh Character: +55 to Health. Costs 200 Tix.

Limited Hat: +100 to Health. Costs 180 Tix + Mesh Character.

Expensive Outfit: +250 to Health. Costs 520 Tix + Limited Hat.

BLOXy Cola: +2.5 Health/Second. Costs 475 Tix.

Robloxian Healing Orb: +5.25 Health/Second. Costs 430 + BLOXy Cola.