Firebrand is a H4X-Based, Buffing Support Character in League of ROBLOX. This character is known for using fire for his main attack,and all the rest with it. The character has currently no skins.

Description: Firebrand1 bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. He brings an unquenchable flame which will put to death many enemies at once. With great crowd control and buffs, Firebrand can control battles with ease. Play Firebrand1 if you want to help your team out during large fights.

Base Stats:

Skillz: 0 H4X: 10.7 Toughness: 8 Resistance: 14.6 Speed: 14 Health: 170


1. Fired Up!: Firebrand1 gets himself and his nearby allies fired up for the battle, increasing Skillz and H4X by (2 + 4 per ability level + 45% of H4X) for (5 = 5) seconds.

2. Wildfire: Firebrand1 creates a blaze at his location, lighting nearby enemies on fire for (3 + 0.5 per ability level) seconds and dealing 2 + 4 per ability level + 40% of H4X) damage to them. After 1 second, wildfire is cast at their location. Enemies on fire are not affected by wildfire.

3. Feed the Fire: Firebrand1 conflagrates the fires he has set to enemies, dealing (3 + 8 per ability level + 25% of H4X) damage to them and stunning them for (0.3 + 0.15 per ability level) seconds.

4. Enemy's Hearth: Firebrand1 uses the fire on his enemies to cast healing auras for his allies, healing (5 + 12.5 per ability level + 70% of H4X) health in an area at each enemy's position.

Strategies With:

Wildfire is your main attack, and is important to two of your abilities! Do not miss your target, otherwise you'll have a trouble fighting.

Use Fired Up! before you attack, so you deal more damage! This is also useful for attacking with allies or tanking turrets.

Use Feed the Fire quickly after using Wildfire, so you will stun anyone who is on fire.

Use Enemy's Hearth wisely, because it has a very large cool-down! It's more effective if more than one person is on fire.

Strategies Against:

Keep your distance! You will have a risk of being set on fire!

Watch out for minions or allies on fire, because wildfire will start, and set fire to you!

Remember that Firebrand1's abilities are based on Wildfire, so if he uses it, and it doesn't get you, attack now!

Firebrand1 can increase his H4X and Skillz, and also his allies. You'll see him use it if he uses the buffing Animation.