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Ejob is a H4X-based, Ranged, Buffing Support in League of ROBLOX. He is capable of using gizmo bombs to decrease other abilities cooldowns which can make him buff and heal faster. He currently has no other skins.

Base Stats:

Health: 192 Skillz: 0 H4X: 8.7 Toughness: 13.2 Resistance: 10.6 Speed: 14

Description: Ejob bought his way into League of ROBLOX. He totes an arsenal of gizmos and gadgets which he uses to harass enemies and heal allies alike. Play Ejob if you feel like bombarding any place on the map with your ultimate.


1. Gizmo Bomb: Ejob throws out a gizmo bomb which explodes on contact on an enemy or reaches the end of its range. It deals damage to each enemy hit, and also cools down each of his other spells for 0.5 seconds for each enemy hit

Damage: 5 + 7.5 per ability level + 15% of H4X

2. Type-4 HealGel Dispersion Device: Ejob deploys a device which flies forward in a line, healing allies it comes near.

Heal: 10 + 5 per ability level + 30% of H4X

3. Auto-Deploy Emergency Armor System: Ejob buffs the toughness of nearby allies.

Buff: 2.5 + 7.5 per ability level + 8% of H4X. Duration: 4

4. Hyperion Sky-Cannon Barrage: Ejob targets a strike from his Hyperion Sky-Cannon, dealing damage and slowing them in a huge area at the targeted location. This Ability can be targeted at a great distance.

Duration: 5. Slow: 15 + 12.5 per ability level. Damage: 20 + 10 per ability level + 15% of H4X

Strategies When Using:

Use Hyperion Sky-Cannon Barrage to slow them, then shoot them with Gizmo bomb and your basic attack. Use your second and third ability when your allies need help.

Strategies Against: Ejob is a mix of Offensive and Defensive attacks, so people will more likely be near Ejob for defense. Remember to watch out if you see a beam near you.