Divagation is a ranged, H4X-based, Burst Carry character in the League of ROBLOX. Divigation focuses more on tix-based abilities, rather than just fighting, making Divagation known as the 'tix-class' and gaining more tix than other classes using his abilities. He is unlocked in Player Level 15. He currently has no skins available.


Base Stats = 147 Health, 14 Movespeed, 0 Skilz, 12.5 H4X, 10.6 Toughness, and 13.2 Resistance. |-| Abilites = Compound Interest: Divagation throws a robuck that deals (5 + 2 per ability level + 10% of H4X) damage to its target. It then applies a stack of Compound Interest to the target. For each stack of Compound Interest its targets, the robuck deals (5 + 0.5 per ability level + 5% of H4X) bonus damage.

Loan: Divigation throws a moneybag that attaches to a target, slowing them for (10 + 10 per ability level) percent for (3.75 = 3.75) seconds. After the slow ends, the moneybag explodes on the target, dealing (10 + 5 per ability level + 25% of H4X) damage in an area. Hitting someone with this ability cools down Compound Interest 1 second.

'Capital' Punishment: Divagation whacks someone with his moneybad, dealing (5 per ability level + 5% of Tix) damage. If this hits an enemy, it resets Compound Interest.

Ponzi Scheme: Divagation drags nearby opponenets into a ponzi scheme, stealing (7.5 per ability level) tix each second they are nearby for (3 + 1 per ability level)

|-|Descripion = Divigation bought his way in to the League of ROBLOX -- and no surprise, he's a rich fellow. This ROBLOXian banker will cash out your demise when compound interest, loans, and even fabled ponzi schemces. He is rich, and he's already paid for your doom.