Davidii is a Skillz-Based, Melee, Wandering Disruptor in League of ROBLOX. He is capable of healing himself with some certain abilities and is deadly in Melee combat. He is unlocked by joining the official LoR group. He does not have any other skins. 

200 Health, 16 Movespeed, 7 Skillz, 0 H4x, 14 Toughness, and 10 Resistance

Gathering Strike:" "Davidii strikes out, dealing (100% of Skillz) damage as a melee attack. He is healed (4 + 3 per ability level + 200% of level) health if it hits a target."

Cleave of Rejuvenation: "Davidii spins in a circle, dealing (7.5 + 4.5 per ability level + 5% of Skillz) damage to targets around him. If he hits no enemy player, he is heals himself for (10% of health).

Claim Territory: "Davidii throws his axe forward. It poisons the target, dealing (12.5 + 12.5 per ability level + 8% of Skillz) damage over 3.5 seconds. The target is also slowed (40 + 7.5 per ability level) during this poison."

Ultimate Survivor: "Davidii becomes invincible for (1.5 + 1 per abilty level) seconds."

Davidii is a grizzled survivor. Having lived unscathed on many deserted island (and even some zombie apocalypses), this survivor is truly to be feared. The only way to unlock this character is to be a member of the group, "League of ROBLOX", the main group of this game.

Using Claim Territory is a good way to stop fleeing enemies.

Cleave of Rejuvenation and Gathering Strike are good sustain abilities for farming.

Ultimate Survivor can turn a battle around.

Ultimate Survivor is a great way to tank or solo destroy turrets.

Keep moving so Claim Territory doesn't hit you.

Ranged characters are good against Davidii due to him relying on melee and face-to-face combat.

Never believe you'll kill him; his ultimate will make him invincible.

Try to dodge Gathering Strike; it is a burst and heals him. It should be easy due to it being a melee attack.