DailyBasis is a Melee, Skillz-based, Durable Disruptor character in League of ROBLOX. DailyBasis uses mainly Toughness to resisting Skillz-based characters, giving DailyBasis an advantage. However, he is weak in Resistance. This character has no skins available.


Description: DailyBasis bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. His shield stands stalwart before all onslaught. He is a master of toughness, nearly invincible to all conventional weaponry. Fear his barriers indestructible!

Base Stats:

Skillz: 6.3 H4X: 0 Toughness: 13.2 Resistance: 10 Walkspeed: 15.5 Health: 200


  1. Shield Charge: DailyBasis charges forward, shield raised, dealing (4 + 3.5 per ability level + 55% of Toughness) damage to targets hit. He also increases his toughness (3 + 4.5 per ability level) for (5 = 5) seconds for each target hit.
  2. King of Bronze: DailyBasis creates a magical field (6 + 4 per ability level) studs in radius which grants his allies a moment of invincibility.
  3. Shield Bash: DailyBasis bashes with his shield. He deals (2 + 6 per ability level + 60% of Toughness) damage as a melee attack and stuns the target for (0.75 + 0.125 per ability level) seconds. Also, he permanently gains (0.45 = 0.45) Toughness.
  4. Bell of Bronze: DailyBasis creates a sound wave with his shield. It travels straight forward, stunning enemies it hits for (0.8 per ability level) seconds.

Strategies With:

It is best recommended to buy mostly Toughness, due to DailyBasis ability's damage depends on Toughness.

Use Shield Charge when there is a crowd of minions. That way, you can easily earn toughness for a few seconds.

Use King of Bronze when you are starting to tanks turrets. You cannot be damaged once you have your force field on.

Constantly use Shield Bash in order to get permanent toughness. It also gives the target a short stun.

Use Bell of Bronze if you are being chased, making the chaser stunned if he cannot avoid it.

Use the combo '4123.' It'll send a projectile that will stun the target, then dashing in with your shield, making a force-field around you, and bashing your target with your shield, making him stunned again.

Strategies Against:

DailyBasis is mostly melee. It is best to fight in a distance.

Remember that DailyBasis has lots of Toughness. Call in a H4X-Based Character if you need help.

Sidestep if he charges at you. If he hits you, it'll make his abilities more stronger.

Avoid his Shield Bash by keeping your distance.

If a orange sphere is heading your way, try to avoid it. Otherwise, it'll stun you for a long time.

Remember that he has access to invulnerability.