Class Types are types of League of ROBLOX Characters. Class Types purpose is to organize and separate the characters in category. There are two ways you can separate the League of ROBLOX Characters. One way is to separate by Melee and Ranged. Melee has a short attack distance, but has high walkspeed. Ranged can fight from a distance, but has a speed disadvantage. Another is by Character Categories. Examples of Character Categories is Sustain Carries, Wandering Disruptors, And Buffing Support.

Brief Descriptions of Character Categories:

All-Around: All-Around means that the character has a mix of abilities of offensive, defensive, and support.

Durable: Durable means that the character has more defense than offense

Disruptor: Disruptor means that the character has many crowd control for his abilities.

Sustain: Sustain means that the character has more offense than defense

Wandering/Wanderer: Wandering means that the character has engages on its abilities.

Burst: Burst means that the character has high damage for its abilities, and that the abilities are intended to be used in quick succession.

Carry: Carry shows that the character has lots of damage/offensive stats/defensive stats. e.g: Burst Carry, Sustain Carry.

Buffing/Support: Buffing/Support means that the character has the ability to buff or heal his teammates.

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