Class Types are types of League of ROBLOX Characters. Class Types purpose is to organize and separate the characters in category. There are two ways you can separate the League of ROBLOX Characters. One way is to separate by Melee and Ranged. Melee has a short attack distance, but has high walkspeed. Ranged can fight from a distance, but has a speed disadvantage. Another is by Character Categories. Examples of Character Categories is Sustain Carries, Wandering Disruptors, And Buffing Support.

Brief Descriptions of Character Categories:

All-Around: All-Around are champions who has the tools to deliver multiple class type jobs but don't succeed as much either. For example, some have a mix of healing, crowd control, offense and buffs.

Durable: Durables are champions who can take less damage than any other class types in the game. Most of them are known as 'tanks' who protect their team from taking a wide open attack and focuses on grabbing the enemy team's attention.

Disruptor: Disruptors are champions who tend to control the fight with somewhat high crowd control like stuns, slows, knock-ups, e.g. Their intents are to disable the enemy team from fighting, giving your team the proper lockdown they will need.

Sustain: Sustains are champions with incredibly low cooldowns while being able to fire back their offense in such a short amount of time. This is noticeable due to their ultimate ability being suddenly shorter than other class types.

Wandering/Wanderer: Wandering/Wanderers are champions that are willing to ambush their foes from long distances as a big surprise. A champion like Guest for example, he can become invisible for a short amount of time with an insane increased in movement speed to catch his foes before they think.

Burst: Bursts are champions who deliver heavy attacks in quick successions to foes from behind their backs but contain high cooldowns unlike Sustains.

Carry: The main objective of a carry is to horsepower the game with their utilities of splashing high damage against their foes in combat. Without them, your team will gain a heavy disadvantage at pushing lanes and killing foes. Burst Carries and Sustain Carries are well known in the game as they start out weak and squishy but they become stronger throughout the game.

Buffing/Support: Buffing/Supports are champions that grants the team a sudden boost in stats to make them stronger within a fight for a short time. They are also capable of healing the team's wounds from a fight like it was nothing.