ClanAtlas is a H4X-Based All-Around League of ROBLOX character. He is known for having both type of abilities; offensive and defensive. He is also known for having the ability to spawn minions. This character is unlocked at Level 9. This character currently has no skins available.

Description: ClanAtlas bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. With endless group support behind him, he can summon his own ranks of fighters to help him in tough situations. Play ClanAtlas if you're into having your own minions.

Base Stats:

Skillz: 0 H4X: 10 Toughness: 12 Resistance: 9.2 Speed: 14 Health: 195


1. Iron Ring: ClanAtlas places an iron ring at his feet. If an enemy steps on it, they are slowed by (40 + 7.5 per ability level) for (3 = 3) seconds as well as taking (25 per ability level) damage.

2. Across the Atlas: ClanAtlas dashes (12 + 6 per ability level) studs forward. This ability has a short cool-down, but slows him by (4 per ability level) for (2.25 = 2.25) seconds after using it.

3. Regenerate: ClanAtlas casts a regenerative spell at a targeted area, healing allies within for (10 + 7.5 per ability level + 25% of H4X) health. This is twice as effective on minions.

4. Clan: ClanAtlas summons an allied minion in an explosion at the targeted point, dealing (12.5 + 10 per ability level + 10% of H4X) damage to enemies caught.

Strategies With:

Use Iron Ring if you are being attacked by a melee character.

Use Across the Atlas wisely, due to it decreasing your speed.

Regenerate and Clan are abilities you can use when you are damaging turrets.

Clan is also used to damage an enemy.

Strategies Against:

Keep your distance, so you don't have to worry about Iron Ring.

Try to engage hard after ClanAtlas uses Across the Atlas.

Remember that Regenerate has a moderate cool-down, so he will heal himself often.

Regenerate is twice as effective for minions. Try to prevent ClanAtlas from doing that.

Watch out for the explosion of Clan!