bOOandya is a H4X-Based, Melee, Wandering Disruptor Character in League of ROBLOX. He is known for using Debuff effects on his abilities for an advantage on fighting. He is unlocked on Level 8. He currently has no skins available.

Description: bOOandya bought his way into the League of ROBLOX. This humorous zombie noms his way through the battlefield, bashing people's heads in in what he considers 'slapstick comedy.' Be sure to watch out for his breath and belly -- he'll use both to destroy you. Play bOOandya for lelz.

Base Stats:

Skillz: 6.3 H4X: 0 Toughness: 13.2 Resistance: 10 Speed: 15.5 Health: 200


1. Bonk!: bOOandya bonks everyone immediately in front of him, dealing (5 + 7.5 per ability level + 10% of Skillz) damage and stunning them for (0.75 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds.

2. Nom Nom Brainz: bOOandya dashes foward. The first target he hits, he attaches to and noms their brains, dealing (10 + 10 per ability level) damage and slowing them for (60 + 5 per ability level) for (3 = 3) seconds. Each bite heals him 4x the damage it deals.

3. Bad Breath: bOOandya breathes noxious fumes ahead of him. The bad air puts enemies hit in a bad, bad, way, causing their Skillz and H4X to drop by (12 + 5 per ability level) for (5.5 = 5.5) seconds.

4. Belly Flop!: bOOandya belly flops onto the targeted location. Where he lands, enemies are knocked airborne for (0.5 + 0.3 per ability level) seconds, as well as taking (10 + 17.5 per ability level + 7% of Health) damage.

Strategies With:

Use Bonk if enemies are attempting to get you in a straight line.

Nom Nom Brainz is also used as a short lunge.

Use Bad Breath when battling players.

Try to trick them by pretending to go to base, but Belly Flop instead.

Use the Combo '312', so you weaken and stun them, then eat the enemy's brains.

Strategies Against:

Keep your distance, so you do not have to worry about Bonk!

Try to sidestep if he attempts to use Nom Nom Brainz.

Move unpredictably to avoid Bad Breath.

Run away if you see a white beam hit bOOandya, and he jumps!