1x1x1x1 является H4X основе, колебалась, прочный disruptor в Лиге светлячки. Он известен тем, что больше обороны, чем преступление. Он также известен тем, что способность красть прочность и сопротивление ближайших врагов. Он открывается на уровне 3 и только один другой кожи, поврежденных.(к сожалению некоторые тупые малолетки редактировать это)

Defense than Offense. He is also known for having the ability to steal Toughness and Resistance from nearby enemies. He is unlocked at level 3 and only has one other skin; Corrupted.

180 Health, 14 Movespeed, 0 Skillz, 8 H4x, 12 Toughness, and 16 Resistance

IP Trace: "1x1x1x1 launches a projectile. If it hits an enemy, 1x1x1x1 teleports to their position as they take (7.5 + 5 per ability level + 50% of H4x) damage and suffer a (40% + 5% per ability level) slow for 2 seconds."

Datamining: "1x1x1x1 send out a shockwave of energy which steals (1.5 per ability level) Toughness and Resistance from each enemy hit for (3 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds.

Crash: "1x1x1x1 stuns nearby enemies for (1.5 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds. He also deals (12.5 + 7.5 per ability level + 15% of H4x) damage to them."

Unbannable: "1x1x1x1 recovers (15% + 7.5% per ability level + 5% of H4x) of his maximum health.

1x1x1x1 is a name that few remember these days, but to those that do remember it is a name to be feared. This infamous exploiter wreaked havoc on the primordial ROBLOX of '06 and '07. With powers that have now been locked away by the ROBLOX staff, he controls the battlefield and defies death. Play 1x1x1x1 if you have a liking for crowd control.

Using IP Trace and then Crash is a good combo.

Use Unbannable and Datamining to turn the tide of the battle.

IP Trace teleports to the enemy hit; you can shoot it at a minion for an escape.

Unbannable can be good for tanking turrets.

Stay close to your turret; if 1x1x1x1 uses IP Trace on you, he will be in turret range.

Don't be so sure you will kill him; he can heal for a large amount.

Don't stay so close to him, or he will stun you.

Spread out, so he won't be able to stun your whole team.

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